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An anti-blemish blend that delicately restores the balance to oily, congested complexions. Clarifies and brightens, eliminates shine and softens the appearance of scars and pigmentation to promote healthy, clear skin.

Key Ingredients + Benefits:

ROSEHIP helps promote skin healing, fades scarring and brightens dull complexions

POMEGRANATE has an anti inflammatory action on congested, stressed skin. Gives free radical protection against the environment and UV damage

SWEET ALMOND is rich in vitamins to help soothe inflammation, soften, revitalize and nourish

CLARY SAGE restores natural and balanced sebum levels

LEMON is rich in Vitamin C to help resurface skin and has an antibacterial and antiseptic action

GERANIUM reduces inflammation, fades scars, pigmentation and blemishes

Other Ingredients: Avocado, Evening Primrose and Vitamin E Oil(s)